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As COP27 begins, we are excited and very proud to announce our new status as a certified Climate Positive Business.

As part of our Carbon Policy development, our Carbon Reduction Working Group has been working with Earthly, a platform that connects businesses to high-quality nature-based solutions and lets us support verified projects that remove carbon, restore biodiversity and help local communities. So far, the projects we support will remove 158.5 tonnes of carbon, 16% more than our own Practice carbon footprint, from the atmosphere this year.

We support projects in the UK, Madagascar and Indonesian Borneo which are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, including:

– 25,208 sqm. of peatland protection in Indonesian Borneo. The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project is protecting one of the most highly endangered ecosystems in the world. Without this project, the carbon-rich, peatland forest of Rimba Raya would have been turned into palm oil estates, emitting over 100 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. Instead, the project is protecting the land and working with local communities. The Reserve is now a critical buffer zone between palm oil and one of the last populations of wild orangutans on Earth.

– Planting of 6,229 mangrove trees at Maroalika, Madagascar, one tree for every project that i-Transport LLP has been invited to advise on since the Practice was formed in 2005. This trail-blazing project run by Eden Reforestation Projects since 2007 has reforestation and poverty alleviation at its heart. To date, this project has planted over 334 million trees across eight countries. This has opened up 3.3 million days of work for local communities. Each mangrove tree removes around 308kg of CO2 from the atmosphere over the course of its life cycle (approximately 25 years).

– Research into Seaweed Farming Innovation in Cornwall, UK. We have also chosen to support Biome Algae in their research project to sustainably farm native seaweed in clean, energetic offshore waters of the UK. The experienced team is on a mission to improve food security, provide sustainable solutions for industrial markets, restore marine habitats and biodiversity, support coastal communities and help reduce carbon footprints. Seaweed farming needs no land, fertiliser, freshwater, or feed & it does not produce waste. This makes it an incredibly clean and efficient way to remove carbon, increase biodiversity and create sustainable products for people.

This is just the start of our journey in doing our bit to tackle climate change, reduce air pollution and improve the health of humans and planet Earth. We are busy developing our Carbon Reduction Policy to reduce our carbon footprint over time and work towards our goal of Net-Zero by 2050.


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