Decarbonising Transport – Sustainability, Innovation and Future Mobility

The need to consider the way in which we travel is more important than ever.

We are rapidly approaching a low-carbon future and transport is currently one of the main contributors to carbon emissions in the UK. As we all adopt and develop our own paths towards Carbon Neutral, Climate Positive and Net Zero, the need to consider the way in which we travel is more important than ever.

Helping our Clients Act Positively

At i-Transport LLP we are always monitoring new and innovative approaches to how we plan the transport aspects of new development. This includes looking at ways in which we can incorporate sustainable travel at the very heart of people’s lives to reduce transport carbon emissions both now and into the future. The climate crisis is very real and pressing, and we are passionate about doing our bit wherever we can. That includes both the way we run our Practice and, very importantly, the way we advise our clients.

Decarbonising Transport – Sustainability, Innovation and Future Mobility

We advise on innovative and sustainable measures for new development.

  • We seek to apply a hierarchical approach to planning transport for new development with the emphasis on active travel modes with a lower priority given to single occupancy private car use.
  • We are very experienced in the ways that land use planning can influence transport and we seek to work as part of the wider design team when developing masterplans to ensure that new development can support low carbon transport solutions wherever possible.
  • We look at innovative approaches to deliveries and servicing and how new and emerging technologies can help us to achieve our net zero carbon goals.
  • We advise on all aspects of development from early concept through to realisation and provide advice in the fields of modal shift, emerging technology, Mobility as a Service, electric vehicles and the infrastructure which supports them and travel behaviour change to name but a few, to inform our clients on how they can, in turn, reduce their own carbon footprint and the carbon footprint of the end users of the wide variety of schemes on which we advise.

i-Transport LLP is an Associate Member of CoMoUK.

Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) is the national charity dedicated to the social, economic and environmental benefits of shared transport.

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